Annemieke Witteveen

Annemieke Witteveen
Assistant Professor Personalized eHealth Technology for Oncology at University of Twente


Risk-based lifEstyle Change: daily-lifE moNiToring and REcommendations (RECENTRE)
Personalized cAnceR TreatmeNt and caRe (PARTNR)

PHD research

INFLUENCE: individualized follow-up for breast cancer


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Annemieke Witteveen is Assistant Professor at the Biomedical Signals and Systems group and the Personalized eHealth Technology (PeHT) research program. Her research line focusses on building dynamic patient-level models for prediction, monitoring and optimization to support clinical decision making in oncology. See also her interview as a featured scientist.

She studied Technical Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Twente. After graduation, Annemieke started working as a PhD at the department of Health Technology and Services Research (HTSR) at the University of Twente. Here she worked on individualizing the breast cancer follow-up based on individual time-dependent risk profiles, resulting in a.o. the INFLUENCE nomogram. Her thesis received the prize for best oncology thesis in the Netherlands of 2018/2019. She currently works on self-management and decision support for oncology, such as the KWF PARTNR project. In 2020 she was awarded a NWO/ZonMW veni grant for researching dynamic models to predict, monitor and make recommendations for the late effects after breast cancer. Annemieke is married and has three kids.